Monday, October 5, 2015

New Implements & Phone Sessions

The reasons people chose to have phone sessions and/or email sessions really varies.  Some people are new to spanking and want to learn more about it and want to be able to ask detailed questions about what happens in a session, questions about different implements and what not. Some people are looking for a Professional Disciplinarian and want to make sure it will be a good match and are doing their due diligence by talking to me, discussing interests, seeing what kind of "spanking vibe" they get from me and so on.  Some people like the idea, the fantasy of spanking, better than the "painful" reality.  They love discussing spanking stories and cartoons. They like to talk about their fantasies, but don't really want an in-person spanking.  Some people want to discuss their sins and how they should be punished for them. Some people are just lonely and want to talk about anything and everything.  And some would eventually like a spanking, but are not quite ready to make that leap just yet.  This way they get to dabble in their fetish before jumping in.

Phone sessions are $50 for 1/2 hour, and then in 15-min increments thereafter.

I've gotten many new implements in the past few weeks.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Which is your favorite implement?

From left to right: Delrin Body Tantalizer, rubber paddle, Mirror Mirror on the Paddle Sr 16', Devil Loop double loop, & Evil Stick Jr. with ball.

More toys here....

Most of my toys come from Cane-iac, love that store!

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