Monday, October 25, 2021

Less Than a Month Until My Spanking Class, Don't Miss This Class!

 "How to Properly Spank Your Partner" Class

Isn't it time you started making your dreams of spanking an actual reality?

I have now dedicated a "static page" on my website specifically for classes, where you can find this information posted as well.  But I know that some people only read my blog and not the website, so will post in two places to make sure you hear about my class!

Class description:

Have you ever wanted to be spanked by your partner or perhaps you are the one wanting to learn how to spank? You have an interest in spanking but not quite sure how to go about it, what to use, and have concerns that you may end up hurting your partner instead of giving them the spanking they've always wanted. This is the class for you! We will go over various spanking positions, implements, answer questions, and do some demos. If you bring your partner and would like to try out some of the techniques and positions we go over in class, there will be an opportunity to do so, with instructor supervision. Also if you are in the class and have an interest in being a demo bottom, please let the instructor know before the class starts.

Start your weekend off with a BANG (or rather SPANK), by making your dreams of spanking an actual reality!

No partner is necessary for this class, but an open mind and willingness to learn is requested. This will be a mixture of demo and discussion.

All levels of experience are welcome, as well as sexual orientations, genders, and anyone over the age of 18.

Miss Jenn spanking a naughty boy

Date: Saturday, November 20, 2021, from 7-8:45pm
          Doors open at 7pm, class starts promptly at 7:15pm. Class is typically 90-min in length
          There will be a play party after the class
Location: SubSpace in Seattle / Tukwila area
Cost: $20 for the class. If you decide to stay for the play party after at SubSpace, cost for the play party is $20 for members and $40 for non-members.
Address: Please email SubSpace at for address. Or if you RSVP yes that you are going on the FetLife event page, you will be emailed the address via Fet

Cash or Credit accepted.

Questions: For questions regarding payment, tickets, or the venue please contact the venue. For questions regarding the class itself please contact me, Miss Jenn Davis

** Note there will be a "play party" at SubSpace following my class. Normally there is a $5 discount for who decide to stay on for the play party. Play party is $20 for members & $40 for non-members.


I will try to post updates & reminders as it gets closer to the date. But in case I get to busy spanking naughty boys and girls of consenting age, please make sure to SAVE THE DATE in your calendar.
I shouldn't have to remind you!

More about the instructor:

Miss Jenn Davis has been a Professional Disciplinarian & Spankologist for the past 6+ years. Based in Seattle she does phone consultations, in-person sessions, fetish modeling, and clips. She writes spanking, femdom, and feminization books, as well as producing and starring in spanking and fetish videos.

Miss Jenn is passionate about spanking, connecting with others, traveling the world, reading & spending time with loved ones.

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