Sunday, November 7, 2021

Spanksgiving Class & Play Party


Just a reminder about this fun & exciting class I will be teaching at SubSpace in the Seattle/Tukwila area.  Let's get our spank on in less than 2-weeks!!!
Even if you know how to spank, many come just to watch the spanking demos & to meet like-minded spankos & kinksters at the event. There will be a play party after where you can test out your newfound spanking skills or maybe use my class as an "icebreaker" to meet new folks and maybe even make some friends.

A few updates since I first posted this in July.

- Fully vaccinated guests only

- Still looking for some demo bottoms

- Any questions that you'd like for me to try to answer in the class or topics you'd like covered? Feel free to post in the comments or email me

Links for more information:

Spank you very much for reading & I will see you soon. Maybe you'll even have a chance to be over my knee.

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