Friday, November 19, 2021

What do you imagine is the story behind this piece of spanking art?


it's just gorgeous isn't it?

What a nifty OTK spanking

Anyone know who the artist is?


  1. Do not know the artist but love the way she is dressed. Do you have an outfit like that ?

  2. Wow this guys ass is on fire. I am feeling the heat coming off of it right now

  3. She'd delegated the responsibility of running an entire division to her eldest son, and his performance the past quarter had been lackluster to say the least. It was time to motivate him with a method that he seemed to have forgotten from his childhood. The way his spanked bare bottom glowed in the refrigerated room and it squirmed desperately on her lap was stirring excitement for her in the restricting confines of her snug and scratchy bodice.