Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Question is Not "If" You're Getting the Belt


woman spanking with the belt

the question is how many lashes will you be getting?


  1. This is an interesting drawing Jenn.
    I notice her jeans are open after removing her belt and wonder why.
    There is a hairbrush sitting on the dresser behind her which I expect she intends to use after the belt , and what on earth is that implement lying on the bed beside him? Some sort of cane?
    He appears to be wearing an apron and there is a nightie laid out in front of him...for him to wear or Her?
    A lot to unpack there!

  2. Well this pose expresses my feelings and my needs, I think I will hold my position, and keep my bare crack as an easy target for the lady belt, until she is done, and let this be a lesson to me