Sunday, October 24, 2021

One of my clip stores is offering 100% payout if you buy clips via my link...

 ...for the next week until (and including) 10/30/21.

So if you were thinking about buying clips now is the time to do it.

They are doing this because they know that since they implemented the new rules (due to the Mastercard changes) that all of us clip creators are swamped in new work & problems posting to the site, that of course none of us are getting paid for. So thank you c4s for this wonderful blessing!!!

Click this link so that I can get the FULL 100% payout, instead of just 60%:

Lots of great clips for a variety of fetishes: spanking (of course!), Femdom POV, JOI, CEI, sissification, bondage, humiliation.  And of course both AUDIOS & VIDEOS!

Feminization Sissy Crossdresser

panty JOI

Through the Looking Glass

And I love it when I see an order come through for a LOT of my clips. It puts a smile on my face and makes me happy for the entire day.  

So go be the cause of that smile on my face! And then email me about it afterwards 😇

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