Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Watch Out! Strict Alpha Female...


Strict Alpha female

on the rampage

all bottoms should beware...

bottoms will be bared


asses paddled HARD


  1. This looks like a good time for naughty devil to be extra sassy teasing.....
    ND =;)

  2. My wife is such, and my bare bottom can atest to it. Her mother was strict, and rules about dating her daughter. I broke the major rule, curfew, found myself over her lap as her daughter watched. It was when the underpants were pulled down the spanking really began. I had to face the wall and the two enjoyed my red bottom on display. I married this girl and on our honeymoon, the second day, was showed a gift from her mother, a bath brush. I was introduced to it shortly after we got home. I was facing the wall, when my mother-in-law who was invited by my wife and said very nice dear, nice indeed. Jack