Saturday, December 11, 2021

Do you think she was naughty or do you think that this is a gift for Santa?


Santa spanking naughty girl


  1. I think she was definitely naughty and she is getting off easy. What she deserves is for Santa to pull down her beautiful panties and spank her bare bottom until she cannot sit down for a week.

  2. "Young lady, have you been naughty or n... Ah the hell with it!" Slap, slap, panties down, crack, slap, ouch, ow!

  3. Santa likes this. Much better than a plate of crappy Christmas cookies.

  4. The naughty devil in Santa most definitely visits her chimney to give her the otk spanking she has been pleading for all year long with her regularly scheduled lump of coal (and of course along with the spoiled naughty wench's usual haul of pretty dresses, shoes and frilly lacy lingerie, lecherous naughty devil Santa is always such a softy.) Now taking her otk under the mistletoe, it's time for those flirty panties to come down this instant to spread some red holiday spanking cheer over her luscious Christmas white fanny!
    Ho! Ho! Ho!
    Merry Spankings, and to all, a red bottom otk Night!
    Spanking Claus