Tuesday, November 23, 2021

One Gals Delight In Her Friend Disciplining This Naughty Lad


Want to know what I love most about this great piece of spanking art?

You can almost hear the one lady giggling and enjoying this poor lads obvious pain  discomfort as her friend takes the manner of disciplining him VERY SERIOUSLY.

Do you think the lady watching is going to join in?


  1. She has quite a view. She looks like she might want to join in. I enjoy her enjoyment. I enjoy a variety of possible reactions from witnesses.

  2. i would enjoy being naked over your lap being severely punished as your friend watched then she joined the punishment also!!😋😋

  3. Well ma'am, the situation in this picture is very embarrassing, I can imagine myself doing my best to get out of this predicament, but the lady has not changed her mind, let me tell you a secret: I will need a mirror in front of me to peek at the happy lady in the back, who gives me a speech of advice such as: Well, young man, you should apologize and promise to become polite and obedient