Sunday, November 24, 2019

Which do you like better? Before the spanking or during the spanking?

The spanking about to begin
FM spanking

The spanking in action

spanking art

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  1. Before the spanking!
    Before the spanking I'm aroused and full of excitement and anticipation and nervous and a bit afraid. My fantasy imagines me over the lap and how I struggle yet there is an erotic vibe in the imagination.

    During the spanking I'm reminded of how much it hurts. I can handle the hand spanking. I try to enjoy the feeling of being over the lap. I tell myself that I'm exactly where I want to be. But I'm afraid that the bath brush will be used (like in the pictures above). And when the bath brush gets used - even slowly and deliberately, not rapidly like hinted in the drawings - then all the nice thoughts get blown away and the only thing that occupies my brain is the searing pain on my butt cheeks and I'm hoping that I can struggle through until it ends or at least until a pause.

  2. I like the 'before' one myself, it does portray all the feelings of 'anticipaton'