Friday, November 8, 2019

"Are You Prepared To Go Across My Lap?" Taking Custom Requests Again

and what an inviting lap it is.

My lap is waiting for YOU, don't keep me or my lap waiting...

This was a custom video clip that someone requested & paid for. The full clip is around 17-18 minutes long. As many of you know I stopped making videos & taking custom requests for around the past 6 months or so. I am once again back to taking custom video requests (POV videos ONLY, where I am the only person in the clip). Most videos start at $100 for a video that is between 3-15 minutes.  For a video that is 2-min or less long $50 starting depending on what is involved. I only do customs that I can post on my clip store & try to resell.

Pervy Boss POV Revenge [MP4](HD)
Click here for the full clip
I've invited you, my boss, over to my place on the weekend. I assume you "think" you know what's going to happen. After all the last thing you said to me yesterday before you left work was that if I wanted that promotion (the one that everyone in the office knows that I deserve), the only way I was getting it would be if I invited you to my place and did some "unmentionable things" for you. You've been a pervy boss from the beginning, but that was the last straw. Quite smart of me to have set up some hidden cameras around the office. I've got it all on video, the way you touch me inappropriately, the way you undress me with your eyes, the disgusting way you talk to me. Right here on this little thumb drive that I am hanging around my neck.

I own you now! So here's how things are going to actually play out. First I'm going to tease you ruthlessly. Then after I've got you all riled up, I'm going to take you across my lap, I'm going to bare your bottom for a hard spanking and paddling. I know you thought you'd get to see "me" naked today, but as it turns out, you'll be the one at my mercy, naked before me, vulnerable to whatever I have in store for you.

This has both teasing and spanking/paddling. Sensual and strict.  There are also probably about 4 different camera angles (not all of which are shown in the preview clip).

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