Monday, November 4, 2019

Chastity Poem by naughty chastity boy who is still locked up

Five years ago my little thing could grow to four or five inches
Now if I come close to even two my Holy Trainer really pinches

I used to be able to masturbate all day long at will
Now I can't get an erection even with the blue pill

My chastity tube is way stronger than my little dick
I remember when I first heard that chastity lock click

I was so excited to be under Miss Jenn's complete control
Serving such a dominant lady has always been my goal

Instead of pleasing myself by constantly rubbing my cock
I please Miss Jenn since she holds the key to my lock

When I visit Miss Jenn I always scrub her bathroom
And then I wash a sink full of dishes before we resume

My super hard punishment spanking that I really deserve
Miss Jenn makes sure that I know which lady to serve

I love doing any domestic chore that Miss Jenn wishes
Vacuuming floors, scrubbing toilets and washing dishes

While Miss Jenn supervises my work and relaxes on her couch
I'm busy pleasing the sweet lady and repeating ouch, ouch, ouch!

Chastity Academy

Poor chastity boy, Locktober is now over but he is still locked up in chastity.
He didn't realize that it's No Nut November
*wicked grin* - Miss Jenn

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  1. Miss Jenn is starting to create some rhymes! "*wicked grin* - Miss Jenn" is a good one!