Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Thank You For the Paddles, Sid!

A wonderfully talented paddle maker, Sid, the woodworker, made these two school paddles for me, engraving my name "Principal Davis" on the paddles.

 Look my name "Miss Jenn" is also etched into the handle!!!

 Aren't they gorgeous? I can think of quite a few naughty boys & girls who are really going to love these.
Thank you so much, Sid, for making these beauties for me


  1. Nice looking paddles, and nice that he's talented enough to make things like this. You have quite the 'Arsenal' now LOL (or should I say 'Arse enal if you get the drift.....) ;)

  2. Out of curiosity Miss Jenn, do you find a significant difference in spanking a female versus a male? Let’s say it’s the exact same scene, the exact same intensity and implement selection. What comes to mind when you think of how the two react before, during, after?

    1. No I don't see much difference between males vs females. I see more similarities among certain types of people (bratty, masochist, those who crave the ritual, etc) that doesn't distinguish between the sexes