Tuesday, November 19, 2019

He Means Business With This Spanking

I recently found out that the spanker is "Uncle Eric" and the spankee is most likely "Samantha Woodley". If anyone knows more feel free to add it to the comments below for other readers to see.


  1. This is Uncle Eric and I believe he is spanking Samantha Woodley.

    1. Looks like he's doing a very good job of it!

  2. He certainly DOES mean business!! now THIS is how a Spanking ought to be done ;)

  3. Miss Jenn, I'm a naughty young man. (Can't you see my tongue sticking out at you?). Bet you couldn't lay me across a mattress and spank my bare bottom that hard with your hand!

  4. I love the turned up and over position, the wild feet kicking and brisk hard spanking on that bare bottom. Where I come from, this is what happens to bad boys and bad girls.