Sunday, November 3, 2019

Photo Storyboard


Miss Jenn Davis

hairbrush spanking

Professional Disciplinarian


What do you think is the story behind this? Feel free to come up with a story & post it in the comments below.


  1. Miss Jenn seems to be in her Wonder Woman superhero persona. She seems to be lecturing a client who is in his super naughty boy superhero persona. While Miss Jenn was out saving the world by spanking naughty boys and girls super naughty boy was at home playing video games and playing with his little willy instead of washing dishes like he was supposed to do. Miss Jenn is fixin' to give him a super hard bare bottom spanking! Miss Jenn is telling him that he needs to be more like naughty chastity boy who loves to do chores for her. Naughty chastity boy gets a super hard bare bottom spanking too because he IS quite naughty but he also gets to worship Miss Jenn's sexy calves and feet with a leg/foot massage to die for!!! :)

  2. Great 'Storyboard' (Nice 1950's style bathing suit by the way, I wonder where you got it....) The story behind this is simple. It's the 1950's and 'Mommy Jenn' is busy lecturing her husband/boyfriend who has acted like a naughty child and DIDN'T do the dishes that are in the sink...tsk, tsk, she SCOLDS him and decides that before she heads out to the pool like she was originally planning to do, she'd better deal with him RIGHT NOW and is going to give him one heck of a good hard PADDLING so he'll remember to do what he's told when she tells him to do something in the future......afterwards she goes to the pool and he goes along too with a VERY red,sore, tender bottom....and puts Sun Screen Lotion on her back while she lies on a chaise lounge next to the pool, before he dives into the water hoping to cool his still burning backside.....before they head back in and she and....? ;)