Saturday, November 16, 2019

Punished For Not Pampering by Glenmore Tales

Punished for Not Pampering by GlenmoreTales
You can give me a foot massage now...and then I want you to bend over the chair for the cane!

I recently found out about Glenmore Tales. I'd seen his spanking art / spanking cartoons before for years but until recently I had never seen his site, Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories & Art.

Do you recognize his work? I bet you do since I sure did.

There are many pieces of his spanking art that really hit home for me, including this one.
It is called "Punished for Not Pampering"
Now when I initially read this, I thought it said "Punished for not wearing Pampers" or "Punished for not being in Pampers", seeing as I do a lot of ABDL content, I'm used to things like Pampers/Diapers and spanking going together (obviously not for everybody).

But even once I realized my mistake and what it really said, this spanking blog post & spanking cartoon hit home for me, as I do agree with Glenmore in that I think women/wives/females should be pampered by the men in their lives.

Here's what Glenmore himself says about this wonderful spanking cartoon & don't you just love his red "smarting" bare bottom? What a great piece of FM spanking art.

Every Husband should know that one of his biggest responsibilities is to pamper his wife and treat her like a Queen .
However , with our busy lives we do tend to forget this and take her for granted.
This is not acceptable.
So it is up to our wives to give us an occasional  'nudge' to remind us that we have been selfish and neglectful.

This unfortunate Husband is receiving a stern lesson and a lasting reminder not to forget that his wife must be pampered.
So get pampering guys.....or else !

How many implements do you see in this piece of femdom art? Which implements did you find?
And do make sure you go to his spanking and fetish art site at the link posted above.

If you end up commenting on any of his posts, do make sure to let him know in your comments that
"Miss Jenn Davis sent me!"

What is ABDL? Adult Baby Diaper Lover
What is FM? Female spanker, male spankee (bottom)


  1. I see 6 spanking implements - cane,brush,paddle,book,her 2 hands.

    1. Great job spotting the spanking implements! You found one more than I did. :) I thought the book was a tablet playing Candy Crush. Thanks Miss Jenn for sending us to the Glenmoretales website. It is fantastic!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my work Miss Jenn.
    Let me know if you need some pampering !

    1. I could definitely use some pampering, it's too bad you live so far away

  3. It is a fun website/blog to visit ;)

  4. I would love to pamper you!

  5. Are you in pittsburgh Pennsylvania