Sunday, September 8, 2019

You Know You Are Scared When a Strict Woman...

gets out her hairbrush or her bath brush


  1. Yep....definately! nice 'Paul Davies' artwork

  2. Miss Jenn, speaking of strict women, I thought of you this morning. A naughty boy in the supermarket was throwing a tantrum and his stern mother was warning him that if he continued, she'd take him out to the car. Miss Jenn, I feel like if you were my Mommy and I did that, you'd be nice and take me out firmly by hand to our car where it was parked a bit away. When you started reaching into your purse, I'd be positive that you were looking for a juice so that you could reward me to stop crying. I might or might not stop depending on how sorry you looked for bringing me out of the store. You don't want me to hate you Mommy or I'll start bawling even louder! Wait, what's that you're pulling out of your purse? It's not a juice, it's...oh no, Mommy, no...