Monday, September 16, 2019


FM spanking

I'm not ignoring anyone's emails, just been dealing with some personal stuff. Hope to get around to responding to session request emails for D.C. by Tue or Wed. Thanks for understanding.

And hope to make it back on Twitter within a week or so... Really appreciate those who continue to re-tweet and post for me when I am unable to do so.

Also one of the birthday wishes that I hope to get is my protein powder off my Amazon wishlist: I realize a lot of people don't want to buy protein powder because it doesn't sound sexy, but just an FYI that the last time someone bought protein powder as a gift for me, I thought of him nearly every day (as I take my protein powder almost every day of the week). So although it's not as sexy as a cute dress, I'll certainly think of you more often.

Baltimore spanking


  1. I looked at your 'Wishlist' and didn't see any 'Protein Powder' so maybe someone already got it for you, otherwise I would. If not then let me know :)

  2. I hope that the 'Personal Stuff' you said you've been dealing with wasn't anything bad, just normal things that happen in everyday life and that things are going well ;)