Friday, September 6, 2019

Hand Spanking: Always a Favorite Implement

FF spanking art


  1. Miss Jenn, I look in the mirror and see a bare male's bottom with some of the bubble curvature that graced my youth. If I crawled over your knees, underneath your stunning laps, settling in on the fabric of your dress, and you laid a palm on my bare bottom, the skin would be cool. I might have goosebumps because of what was to come. A virgin bottom - you might rub your firm hand across my smooth bare bottom, alternating cheeks, awakening the nerves, and the sensation would be dangerously pleasant for me. But then without warning your hand would leave my skin, my anticipating bottom, and when it landed, the first swat in a long hard and hot bare-bottomed spanking, the fire would explode in my bottom and tears would begin welling in my eyes. Long after you'd finished and I lay quietly sobbing, I'd come around and agree that your hand could really be the favorite implement.