Thursday, September 19, 2019

"I told Miss Jenn I'm a good boy in naughty boy clothes" poem

I told Miss Jenn I'm a good boy in naughty boy clothes
But unfortunately that is something Miss Jenn loathes
She thinks good boy clothes are what good boys wear
Naughty boys end up over her lap with their bottoms bare

There is nothing like a sore bottom to improve wardrobe choice
When choosing what to wear I remember Miss Jenn's voice
She told me good boys wear clothes that are neatly pressed
Naughty boys look like slobs, good boys are sharply dressed

Miss Jenn told me to report for punishment in Vegas sin city
Miss Jenn was joined by Princess Kelley May, both so pretty
And unfortunately for my poor bottom both so very strict
For a hard spanking there is no one else I would have picked

Miss Kelley May started spanking me with just her hand
She spanks hard--the pain was almost more than I could stand
I knew I was in trouble when they switched to their implements
After feeling their straps and brushes I have been a good boy since

Then I found myself over both their laps at the very same time
Their hard spanks made sure that I was sorry for my crime
They made sure that I was contrite and learned my lesson that day
A super sore bottom helps me focus on what they have to say

They said I need to be a good boy and always obey their rules
I wholeheartedly agree--boys with sore bottoms are not fools
Miss Jenn gave me one last volley of hard spanks to help me learn
I thought I had survived my spanking, but then it was Kelley's turn

Her final volley of spanks turned on the water works and I cried
There was no way to stop the tears no matter how hard I tried
My punishment was over, I was forgiven--time for gentle aftercare
Funny how I can't wait to go over their laps again with my bottom bare!

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