Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Chaperone Spanking Part One, with Lola Belle

Chaperone Spanking, Part One
 I got to do a really fun video shoot over Labor Day weekend at the Shadow Lane Spanking Party.
I got to spank the sweet & adorable little Lola Belle. And seriously isn't that butt of hers soooooo cute?
The video is up on the Girl Spanks Girl website, you can check it out here:
Right now I'm up on the front page of the site, but who knows how long that will be for, so go check it out now!

Description of the video clip from the GirlSpanksGirl.com spanking site: 
When cute volleyball player Lola Belle (making her debut on our sites) is confronted by the team chaperone Miss Jenn Davis (also making her debut on our sites) about who tampered with the team van, she knows but will not name the culprit. Miss Jenn puts Lola over her knee and spanks the curvy bottom until it turns bright red, but Lola is no rat, she will not say who did it. But when Miss Jenn starts using a heavy leather paddle, Lola finally cracks and blurts out the name of the guilty girl.

 I was also mentioned on the Spanking View blog & some of the pics from the Shadow Lane video shoot are up there as well: http://www.spankingview.com

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  1. Great looking video and intersting blog article. Sounds like a fun time. The website is VERY DIFFICULT to log into though, I've tried and have not been able to log in after joining and had to call them about the problem.....still not fixed. Looking foward to seeing the video you made when I am able to access the site