Friday, September 20, 2019

Franco Spanking Art

The Mother-in-law
Franco spanking art

I was recently contacted by the famous spanking artist Franco. Turns out he reads my blog & had seen a blog post I posted with some of his art on it.

We sent some long emails back & forth & I just want to post some quotes from Franco that I thought were worth sharing with you:

As I mentioned around 2006 I put down my lead pencils and started my new method.  For me, it seems less tedious and more erotically powerful than the drawings I did before.  Not to sound selfish, but If I do an image that does not stimulate me, I think its not worth sharing.  

I love the contrast of the athletically built young man, having his bottom smacked like a naughty boy.  After all, no matter how mature we guys think we are, there is always a little boy lurking in there, remembering or wanting attention on his backside.     - Franco

 Afternoon Discipline
Franco spanking artist
Two young men visit a dominant mature woman, with much spanking expertise - Franco

In regards to the Mother-in-Law picture above, Franco writes: I think his wife is amused as much as she is amazed watching her husbands round posterior get slapped up.  I love this matron's face and have used it many times.   -Franco


  1. That's cool that the artist contacted you and follows your blog. I like this newer style of artwork way better than his old style, (which I've seen many times), the ladies in the older style weren't attractive and the men were too muscular, it almost looked like M/M spanking artwork

  2. Getting a spanking from an authority figure taking charge is a special kind of humbling experience. That's what I like best about these pictures. They remind me of being a young man who sincerely thought he was "too old for a spanking" but, to my horror, found out I was wrong.