Monday, September 30, 2019

Playing Tennis with Her Bottom

F/f spanking art


  1. Those cute little tight panties under your short skirt offer so little protection. Next time I see you out on the court sassing a line judge about a call, I'm going to lead you over by your sweaty arm to one of the chairs at mid-court. In front of everyone, I'll pull you over my lap, point the soles of those tennies to Helen Wills in Heaven, tear those panties down your tan legs, lift your wispy skirt and paddle your pert little behind with my hand until it's scarlet and you're sobbing for air. Do you understand young lady? Then just wait until we get home...I'll give you something to really cry about!

  2. Naughty devils just love little darlings in short pleated tennis skirts whirling and flipping up, the perfect oh so short skirt for both naughty teasing panty peeking and needing to be instantly pulled up when my helpless little darling is over my knee for her loving well deserved overdue spanking! And those little frilly cute panties barely hiding underneath will be coming down silky legs soon enough after that flirty teasing skirt is flipped up to reveal just how much those tender luscious cheeks are brightly blushing with such a gorgeous glow of a sensuous spanking on such a darling bare bottom! And of course my little tennis darling will need to be spanked over her naughty devil's knee not once, but in sets of three for seven-love (of otk spankings!!!) to have her tennis lessons repeated often; after all, practice does make perfect .... the perfect cute blushing bare bottom!!!
    With affectionate naughty thoughts in mind (as usual),
    ND =;)

  3. Great B/W Spanking Comic, really good style by the artist