Thursday, August 1, 2019

You Shall Learn What Pain Means

you shall learn what a painful spanking is
Ever seen this piece of spanking art before?
What a nice spankable bottom she's got!


  1. Hear ye! Hear ye! As announced by decree of the supreme naughty devil town crier and spank master that all cute teasing sassy wenches will henceforth so report to the town square to be given public spankings!!! My such happy naughty devils cheering on in the crowd, thrilled at having a scroll read of each of the darling naughty lasses' latest naughty spanking offenses!!! Sentenced and locked into the town square's stock, held in place for all to witness and cheer her on as charming naughty darling angel's beautiful bottom is stripped bare, the sassy wench so richly deserving of being given her blushing public spanking!!!! Ah, such outrageous amusement in good old times of spanking yore!

    Who else would think of such naughty outrageous scenarios than your over-imaginative role playing naughty devil when quite overdue for his own arousing, good hard long bare bottom spanking over her ladyship's royal silky knees? The town crier naughty devil might need some emergency interim strip club spankings before the return of my dear amusing spanking queen proper spankings; there, that should be worth a good furiously hard bare bottom spanking and scalding lecture for dramatic effect when next over your knee!

    ND =;)

  2. Brutal scenes like that are a real turnoff.