Monday, August 12, 2019

Boss Dishes Out a Spanking

while her colleague watches


  1. When I get done spanking you I want you to go and get the hairbrush on the table and take your former colleague now your boy helper,take him across your lap and blister his bottom but good. Have him get rid of his erection first. You are getting spanked for letting him get away with his childish antics. You are now responsible for him so keep him in line or find yourself across my lap again.

  2. GREAT COLOR I haven't seen before, dont recognize the artist style. Nice having someone witness her spanking, makes it more erotic ;)

  3. I am not usually interested of males spanking females but I find this drawing very lovely and oh so easy on the eyes. Also I like it when there are other people near by bringing some sweet humiliation, the kind that I am most fond of.