Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I am going to be giving you a spanking every night before bed for a month

spanker service

 and some nights having the sitter come over to watch


  1. Miss Jenn, please don't pull down my PJ bottoms! It hurts like fu...I mean *so much* on the bare! Can I please stand in the corner instead, or go to bed early? You can't spank me with that hairbrush! And why does she get to watch?

  2. Naughty devil's sweet spanking dreams: Is it bed time yet? Why not? What do you mean it's too early for bed? Noooo!!!! Naughty devils work hard being naughty round the clock and can be naughty needing to be taken over your knee this instant at no notice needed morning, noon or night at anytime! How about about spankings at least before nap time too? Sweet dreams with such a fun Spanking Mommy taking her naughty devil's pants down this instant over and over again to be forever getting bent over her silky knee, eternally getting another blushingly hard long bare bottom otk spanking over and over again!!! Naughty devil's bed time spanking dreams are in a continuous eternal loop, always repeating and never stopping, just the as a good otk spanking should be!!!
    Spankably Yours (as usual),
    ND =;)