Thursday, August 22, 2019

Another Clip Testimonial

Miss Jenn, I believe as you know that for me a Spanking needs to be just that! For a long time when I truly sought out a Disciplinarian I was wanting someone who would push me past the hurt and bring out the tears I needed to let go of the Hurt and Sadness inside me! I bond with my Disciplinarian probably to much and to deeply! When I see your many Clip's I know you as a Professional have many faset's of how you are with your client's! I know when I come again to Washington that I will just have to put time for myself and your Correction! I know for some it is easy to Play the role of Naughty Boy/Girl but submitting to you for my need of correction and the therapy it bring's me is very settling! OK That is all I have to say on that subject!LOL
- Jon

Thank you, Jon for the lovely testimonial and so glad to hear you enjoy my clips. And yes, you are quite correct that I have many facets of how I am with various clients and various scenarios.
Thank you, Miss Jenn

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