Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I Was Asked to Write a Blog Post about What the Miss Jenn Experience Is

And I realized that I haven't written about it in a while.

So here's a brief description:

The Miss Jenn Experience (MJE) - In Seattle - if you are coming from out of town or a local but just prefer a more extensive get to know you period, I do offer the "Miss Jenn Experience". This can include any or all of the following. Dinner (at your expense), any site seeing activities (at your expense), going to the spa (at your expense) and of course a spanking (30 min to an hour, your choice)  Don't want to spend a holiday alone? Come to Seattle & do a multi-day Miss Jenn Experience over a holiday weekend. The Miss Jenn experience is typically around 3-7 hours long. If we are doing a multi-day MJE then I will spend 3-7 hours per day with you on ALL the days, however I will be going home each night & will not spend the night at your hotel. This is not something that I always have availability for so please try to give me as much advance notice as possible. - While I'm Traveling - Similar to the Miss Jenn Experience in Seattle but this would be while I'm traveling in your city so you would be showing me around. Again this would be a larger chunk of time that we would spend together, including up to an hour of spanking, and all expenses for activities (dinner, movies, drinks) would be at your expense. Custom MJE - This is for those who want the MJE but with more than an hour of spanking per day.

Here's a link from posts that I wrote about various MJE's shortly after they happened:


  1. Sounds like a lovely thing to do but unfortunately I cannot book an experience. I will daydream about taking a trip with you.

  2. If I did a Miss Jenn Experience, I'd find a sneaky five minutes to super glue your hairbrush to the end table in the hotel room! Ha, and just when you think you want to paddle my bare bottom, wouldn't you be surprised! ;^P