Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Spanking the Babysitter

spanking the babysitter

Ok stay up as long as you want
spank spank

By the way I babysit a lot of naughty adult men & women
There truly is such a thing as an "adult" babysitter


  1. Well then, as an "adult" babysitter, I suspect there is no shortage of reasons that you should be taken over my knee, skirt raised and the teary-eyed recipient of a very sore, red hot bottom. Stand in the corner and ponder...and don't you dare touch that bottom!

  2. Great Artwork by the artist known as 'Spanka' I love his style of drawing and the captions he puts in. '_

  3. GOOD to know you BABYSIT Miss Jenn.......Could be something that will come in handy in the future! ;)

  4. I'll bet you make a GREAT Babysitter!! I love this artist, (named 'Spanka'), style, he does great fun captioned color drawings ;)