Tuesday, June 15, 2021

You had better behave and not act like a dummy


I'll spank you so hard you sleep on your tummy

or I'll spank you so HARD you'll have to sleep on your TUMMY!

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  1. With my red-hot bottom
    and a thread count beyond funny,
    the sheets I must wash
    'cause they're sticky as honey

  2. No, absolutely no dummy, naughty devil's amusing shenanigans are too well plotted and connived, even spontaneous remarks are much too much the mark of a complete smart ass that certainly needs and deserves a good hard long bare bottom otk spanking just as much as any dummy! Naughty devil is after all working on his otk spanking merit badge, advanced deep red bare bottom level with crossed spatulas of course! Such high order spanking honors working to disgrace the family name, also commonly known as DSOD - Deranged Spanking Obsession Disorder, common in restless incorrigible naughty devil retirees with too much time on their hands from not having been spanked or given a good otk spanking for much too long!
    ND =;)

  3. I would love one of your spankings and have to sleep on my tummy and think of you so I will dream of the nasty spanking and all of your beautiful comments you made