Thursday, June 17, 2021

"Coming Out" and Other New Episodes on My Podcast

 Have you been staying abreast of what's happening on my podcast?

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spanking and ABDL podcast

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Let me tell you about some of the most recent episodes, as well as some older ones:

The episode on May 17, 2021

His First Visit [Preview]

Description from the FULL clip:

Thirty-year-old Sebastian has finally summed up the courage to visit a professional disciplinarian. And she is delighted - she rarely gets to cane the bottom of a younger male and so takes an extra interest. In her pre-caning interview, she learns a few extra snippets of information about her prey that she knows will play to her advantage – in more ways than one. Indeed, she is so delighted with what she learns, that she makes the rare decision to tell Sebastian her real name because, she tells him, “When I beat you, I want to hear you begging Miss Catherine for mercy”. But mercy, for Sebastian, will come at an escalating cost. Learn what that will be as Miss Jenn Davis reads T.M. Andred’s FM discipline story ‘His First Visit’.

For the FULL clip, click here:

The episode on June 9, 2021

"Pantyhose Bondage in the Closet" FULL Audio

She's wearing only suntan pantyhose, tied up in rope bondage, rubbing her pussy against her crotch rope, desiring so badly to be touched. Her pantyhose moist with her desire,  nipples hard, she is yearning to be spanked...yearning to be spanked and stroked.

This is an audio .mp3 and the Dominant in this story is never they could either be a man or a woman, depending on your preference.

The episode on June 16, 2021

Coming Out [PREVIEW]

Description from the FULL Clip:

No sooner was she away at college than she put herself back in diapers. She even told her roommate she needed them. Now she’s back home for the summer, her potty training isn’t what it used to be, and she decides she has no choice but to come out to her stepmom as a diaper girl. Written by Lexy Bridges, formerly Alex Bridges ( and narrated by Miss Jenn Davis (

For the FULL clip, click here:

The episode on May 31, 2021

Tennis Anyone? [PREVIEW]

A description from the FULL clip:

Alexis has a problem. Her weekly tennis game is being disrupted because one of the players is moving across the country. Needing a replacement, who can compete with 3 former NCAA women's tennis players, she thinks of her office mate Ron. The other players aren't so sure, but she promises she can make Ron fit in.

Everything is going well until a trip to the tennis boutique convinces Alexis that a tennis dress might be a better choice for her reluctant coworker than the simple tennis whites she had originally planned. What started out as a friendly game becomes sheer humiliation for Ron and pure pleasure for the girls.

This story contains elements of female domination, feminization, and spanking.

This is an audio .mp3 file and is a collaboration between Miss Jenn Davis, Kylie Gable, and Claudia Acosta.


  1. I've been staying *both* breasts of your work, Miss Jenn. Love the great content!

  2. Miss Jenn, I'm sorry - I've made sexual innuendos on several of your blog posts. It's only fair that you respond like a strict grownup woman like my mother or aunt or teacher or female cop or friend's mother and paddle my bare bottom until it's bright red for these transgressions. After my paddling, I'd stand chastised before you and we could talk about the first thing that came up.