Tuesday, June 8, 2021

DC I'm Coming For You! Got My DC Dates Figured Out and Will Start Scheduling SOON

Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn

Exciting news, I've got my DC schedule figured out!!

Have you been missing your favorite Professional Disciplinarian in D.C.?

Exact dates for DC / Northern Virginia (NoVA) are Sept 24-28th, 2021.

So put that on your calendar and then email once I start scheduling. The best way to know when I will start scheduling will be to check my website daily & I will post an update when the time comes & I'm ready to schedule.

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  1. No more hiding, time to march that overdue naughty devil to the spanking chair this instant! Almost two years worth of teasing and sassiness from afar to reconcile will require an equally long otk spanking ride across such a silky knee lap for a bright glowing RED bare bottom!!! Yay, it's spanking ride time again!!!!!!
    ND =;)