Thursday, June 24, 2021

How is my OnlyFans Different from AVN Stars or other platforms?

Miss Jenn Davis OnlyFans
It took me many years to finally do it, and I was quite resistant to the idea at first just because I'm already on so many platforms and didn't want another account & of course, every account for me is a "time commitment" but I finally took the plunge as spankos kept asking me to join.

At first, I had just assumed that I'd be posting the same content as my AVN Stars & doing LiveStreams. I heard of a few models who did that & figured I'd probably end up doing the same.

But after doing a poll with my OnlyFans subscribers, it seemed that most people were most interested in mini-videos & not that into Livestreams. So although I will go Live at times (at least for this month & next) I'll mainly be focusing on mini-videos & photos with captions. I'll probably do another poll in a July or August to see then what most people want, as new subscribers join.

I do think of being fluid on my platforms and experimenting with different things and seeing how they work out.

The pic posted above is actually from one of my OnlyFans mini-videos I did. I believe that one was a chastity/femdom mini-vid, although most of my videos are primarily spanking and/or scolding.

Since right now I have a few subscribers that are on both my AVN & OnlyFans, I am posting different content to each. If at some point they end up choosing only one of those platforms then I may end up posting the same content to both platforms as so many models do.

Things that I offer to both my OnlyFans & AVN Stars subscribers:
Photos, mini-videos, Livestreams, I respond to private messages you send to me on my platforms (for example on Twitter, most of you are not able to message me). Updates on my life, what I'm doing next, trips, previews for some of my audios, discounted price on FULL video or full audio clips, hearing about certain things FIRST. Also if I have already built somewhat of a relationship with you through one of my platforms, then at times those people get priority for sessions when I have limited availability (such as while traveling, attending National Spanking Parties, or during COVID when I barely saw a soul)

What I offer on my different platforms:

  • OnlyFans - mini-vids, photos, PM, some Livestreams (other stuff listed above)
  • AVN Stars - Livestreams, photos, some mini-vids (other stuff listed above)
  • Clips4Sale - Video clips, audio clips, customs
  • NiteFlirt - Phone calls, phone sessions, CAM (video sessions on skype), video clips, audio clips, customs, "chat"
  • Patreon - Full length audio clips, some photos, but main focus is on audio content, PM, customs
  • Sextpanther - "chat"/texting, phone calls (I tend to be on NiteFlirt more often than SP)
PM stands for private messaging

You can find links to all the above platforms on my ABOUT page or just click this link

Hopefully, that explains it all. If you have a question about which platform to join, you can email me your question & I can hopefully help you figure out which one is best (or if you can afford it, you certainly join them all, and then I will most definitely take notice of you)

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