Friday, June 11, 2021

Getting Back into the "Spank" of Things!


Professional Disciplinarian giving a paddling

Has it been a while since your last spanking?
The pandemic really messed things up for people around the world and so many went without a spanking for a year, year and a half or for much longer than they are normally used to.

Some things you can do in preparation for your spanking:
  • Moisturize your bottom with lotion in the days or week prior to your spanking. The more moist it is, the better chance you will have of "not breaking the skin"
  • Have some arnica cream ready for after your spanking if you want your skin to heal faster, have less bruises, and overall recover faster. If your bottom is no longer used to being spanked, it may take longer to recover. Arnica helps to speed up the process. You can buy arnica cream, arnica gel or arnica pills. Arnica can be bought in most grocery stores, drug stores (over the counter), and on Amazon. A good brand is called "ArniCare"
  • Be prepared that you might get "choked up" or even cry during or after your spanking. Sometimes we don't realize how much we miss something until we experience it again. Then we are reminded of what a big & healthy aspect spanking has in our lives. This "may" happen for you as well.  Feel free to let your Disciplinarian know ahead of time that in the case your eyes fill up with tears, how you'd prefer to handle it. Would you prefer to discuss it, be hugged or held, or if you'd prefer to have it ignored & the discussion or spanking to continue as though you weren't in tears.
  • You may "mark" or feel differently than you did in the past. Don't beat yourself up (I'm already beating your ass, you don't need to add to it) if your body reacts differently than you are used to. Try to be accepting of whatever happens.
  • You may experience different physical and emotional symptoms than you are used to.
  • Give yourself "permission" to let loose, enjoy the spanking, enjoy the emotions, enjoy the endorphins, and "be in the moment".

Hugs & spanks & yippee that you can get spanked again & that we will be back "in the swing of things". And I do mean "swing" as I'll be swinging lots of paddles, straps and more!

Enjoy the spank, you deserve it!

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