Thursday, May 7, 2020

What Are Your Favorite Educational Books?

I don't know about you, but I've been reading a lot more since this pandemic started. What are your favorite educational (so not fantasy) books? They can be just general education or they can be kink educational books. Tell me in the comments which your favorites are.

I'd say over the years the 2 education kink books that I've liked the best are

1. The Adult Spanking & Discipline Handbook
written by The Governess Gemma Forbest (aka Ms Marwood a Professional Disciplinarian in NY)

2. Enough to Make you Blush
by Princess Kali

Also just to let you know if you buy any of my clips this month (May) make sure you do it via one of my links (from outside clips4sale).
both work.
As long as I'm the one referring someone to the clips4sale site, they will give me 100% payout. If you use "private browsing" mode, I do hear that this strips off the identifying code at the end of my link which is the only way they know to credit me. So if you use private browsing mode to buy my clips, sadly I will only get 60% of the profits (still better than nothing).

My preferred clip store is ALWAYS clips4sale because of the fact that I can post the most variety of content there (many other clip stores ban various fetishes or have a lot of restrictions) and the fact that they have been the ONLY platform to give back to the creators for April & May.

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  1. That's good to know about the links for the clips. I've heard of 'Ms.Marwood' and have seen pictures of her, she looks like she knows what she's doing! I've also heard of 'Princess Kali'