Friday, May 15, 2020

Q&A: Giantess Fetish & more questions


In this Question & Answer video, I answer the following questions:

- I like that you are towering over me in this video. I fantasize about tall women. Is that a common fantasy?
- Hi, Miss Jenn. I love all your work. Do you ever dress up extra sexy, as part of your client's punishment? Like there you are, looking extra gorgeous, and he is so attracted to you it hurts, but he knows full well he cannot have you or even touch you, and all he is going to get is a good, painful spanking. Seems like that would be a delicious way to add to his humiliation, submission, and erotic punishment.
- Have you ever had a real mom send their adult son/daughter to you for a spanking and why? Was she there to watch the spanking or did you report back to her after?

Miss Jenn Davis is a well known Professional Disciplinarian / Fetish model.

1 comment:

  1. Fun Video, you look good as a 'Giantess' the artist 'bojay' SPECIALIZES in 'Giantess comics' I have some. To answer the question about WHY some folks are into it, I think, (just my opinion), that it has to do with 'Mommy' being so much taller and bigger than we were as children, therefore she seemed like a 'Giantess' who could take control of us at any moment and Spank us, (or do something else), hope you agree with this idea. ;)