Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Feminization Boudoir Podcast & other podcasts I was Interviewed on

Interview with Miss Jenn Davis

A little snippet from the Feminization Boudoir interview

Partial interview plus the preview for the "Beach House" audio I narrated:

The full link to the interview on the Feminization Boudoir podcast:
Professional Disciplinarian

I was also interviewed by Shayla Aspasia, a fellow PSO on NiteFlirt & sexy Femdom:
Locked in Chastity

and for those who don't know this, I have my own podcast:

Do you know anyone who has this own kinky podcast? If so, ask them if I can be a guest on their podcast.
Do you have your own fetish podcast? Contact me!
Don't know anyone who has a podcast, but you do have a favorite podcast that is somehow related to what I do? If so, reach out to that person via email or twitter or however they want you to contact them, and tell them about ME and ask them to consider having me as a guest on their podcast.

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  1. The two interviews were great. Pricked an interest that I'm finding intriguing. Mom, I'm sure, will also embrace my intrigues.