Saturday, May 9, 2020

Do You Know About the Many Benefits of Getting Spanked?

and these are only a few.

List some of your own!


  1. 1. The providing of discipline is sexual for me. Fair and deserved punishment brings closure to an issue, but that is my fetish. If spanking improves direction and behavior, that is a plus.
    4. The anticipation is a thrill that causes an erection, so I think it is a mix of fear and arousal.
    5. A spanking can change my mood, which could be a good thing.
    6. I haven’t been spanked by a male other than my father, but I guess that was a form of bonding.
    7. Punished with a spanking is a forced age regression and return to feelings of youth. The benefits are being nurtured by a caring parental figure, but there is also a sexual component to that.
    9. Getting spanked for discipline is a profoundly humbling experience, which is sexual to me.
    10. The marks left from a spanking are an art that turns me on.

    For me, spanking, despite being not about sexual arousal is, nevertheless, very sexual.

  2. #'s 4 and 10 are standouts for me. While not sexual for me, the connection with the one blistering my bottom is an integral part of the dynamic.

  3. Yes been paddled lots of times nervous somewhat but want it and took most of it just trying to fine the right one a school paddling love it in school it hart but love it

  4. Getting spanked also proves to you that you have a "significant other" that cares and loves you that she takes the time to spank and scold you when needed to make you a better person.proud and responsible.