Friday, May 29, 2020

It's Called a Spank-Demic


  1. Nurse Davis has one "remedy" in her hand. It will leave welts all over a bare bottom. Oh, and I'm sure she has other very painful remedies for both outside and inside the bottom.
    -- debbie

  2. Oh no, not a spank-ademic with masked bottoms at 6 feet with no otk spankings too!!!! Naughty devil lives for bare bottom intimately close otk hand spankings and will openly defy masked bottom 6' spanking orders for his darling Naughty Nurse Jenn to strictly enforce her own rules over her silky knees!!! Hmmm, in naughty devil's wicked imagination, beyond LPN and RN, a new certification level of of our darling gorgeous spanking nurses that tease and keep naughty devil patients in line could be TNN - Teasing Naughty Nurse or SNN - Strict Naughty Nurse. (It's been a looooong pandemic of closures and sheltering in place but worst of all are still no happy otk spankings in sight - sigh - what's a naughty devil to do with such a pale white rose bottom? The lack of shame of it all!)
    ND =;)