Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Spank-o-Ween

Having a spankingly delicious time trick-or-spanking

FF spanking


  1. these DEFINATELY look like 'Tricks' not 'Treats' to me! ;)

  2. The trick is for a naughty devil to tease enough to get his darling to treat him with a good bare bottom over-the-knee spanking; an applauding hand spanking first, then exasperated pretty mommy grabs her scary spatula again and evil strap next as naughty devil has been playfully sassy as usual and needs a much harder, longer spanking over her knee silky knees! Oh for my pretty witch to be casting her scolding naughty spanking spells over her silky knees on her naughty devil's glowing red bottom, such a treat! Hoping my darling pretty witch rides her broom back soon, naughty devil will keep the sassy cauldron well stirred with more spanking incantations and bubbling sassiness to keep his pretty witch cackling and cracking her magic spanking wands over his bare bottom!
    Wickedly yours,
    ND =;)

    1. and what a SCARY spatula and EVIL strap it truly is!

  3. Last time I egg your house on Halloween! Harrumph!