Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Maintenance Spanking - A Spanking Poem

This poem was written by naughty boy for Miss Jenn

Naughty boy thinks that he knows what is best
He shouldn't be spanked hard like all the rest
Instead of hard spanks he deserves a gentle swat
He has been better behaved than Miss Jenn thought

He tried to bribe Miss Jenn with protein powder
But that birthday gift had only allowed her
To bulk up and to make her arm muscles stronger
So she can spank naughty boys harder and longer

Miss Jenn started with hard spanks from her hand
Miss Jenn said that patty cakes have been banned
They have too much corn syrup and processed flour
Naughty bottoms need to feel Miss Jenn's power

Naughty boy felt the pain and started to squirm
But Miss Jenn's hard spanks continued to confirm
That she was in charge and naughty boy was in trouble
If he didn't admit guilt his punishment would be double

Miss Jenn wondered if it was too soon
To spank his sit spot with a wooden spoon
Or maybe she should give the strap a chance
To really make his poor bottom dance

After a very short pause
Miss Jenn selected the tawse
Just a few strokes were needed
The naughty boy soon pleaded

Please Miss Jenn it hurts too much
Good boys do not deserve such
Hard spanks on their bottom bare
But Miss Jenn really did not care

Miss Jenn only wants the best behavior
Following the rules is your only savior
Otherwise your poor bottom will be quite sore
Miss Jenn spanks naughty boys more and more

Miss Jenn decided she should use the naughty stick
Before the cane she knew that naughty boy would pick
Then Miss Jenn used the cane that he gave her
Six(ty) of the best guarantees good behavior!

Thank you naughty boy, for the lovely poem. I love it when you send me things like this!

Are there any other spanking poets out there? If so, send me your spanking poetry if you are ok with me posting them on my spanking blog & in my audios

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