Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Cute Spanking Comic

spanking art


  1. Now Miss Jenn, why is it that I think you may have "forgotten" to wear panties a time or two out in the city? I bet it felt so deliciously naughty! Next time, I'd be more than happy to punish you for it, young lady. Over my knee you'd go, and I'd spank your bare bottom so hard and hot, you'd probably forget those panties again the next time, too!

  2. Yes, naughty little angels flirting without their panties on most certainly do deserve a good bare bottom spanking over naughty devil daddy's knee! Of course teasing and flirting showing pretty panties will also get naughty little angels a trip over naughty devil daddy's knee too, first for a good panty spanking, then the panties come all the way down to her knees for a good bare bottom spanking too - twice the otk spanking fun plus the thrill of pulling cute panties down too!
    Lecherously Yours,
    ND =;)