Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Spanking Therapy with Professional Disciplinarian Miss Chris on the Doctors

Spank Therapy

One of the many Professional Disciplinarians that I admire is Miss Chris who was just on the mainstream TV show called "The Doctors".

Now I haven't seen this show in years (I got rid of TV probably 2 years ago) but what I remember of it, was that is was a reality type show where there are a few doctors who discuss health related topics, answer questions, and sometimes bring in "specialists" to give more information on a certain topic (in this case, it was our beloved Miss Chris Spanks).

Not only did Miss Chris get to spank all 3 of the doctors, 2 male doctors + 1 female doctor, (lucky her! and of course lucky doctors for getting to go across her lap) but she was there to talk about something very positive...SPANKING and specifically about Spank Therapy & all the health benefits of spankings focusing on stress relief and guilt release.  Please keep in mind that spank therapy is not the same as the type of therapy you do with a Therapist, Counselor, or other mental health professional.  For more information on Professional Disciplinarian Miss Chris and Spank Therapy click here.

The Doctors TV show about spanking therapy has not aired yet, but I plan to update or write a new blog post once it does, so you all can make sure to watch the show. Not to be missed!

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  1. I've seen this show! it's on at 1:00 AM on ABC in Seattle. Looking foward to seeing the episode 'Miss Chris' is on! ;)