Monday, July 29, 2019

I Think YOU Need a GOOD Spanking!

spanking gif


  1. and what do you know? You're just a lonely animated GIF, incapable of delivering even the most tame of spankings. Here, let me crawl over your rotating lap and take my pants down for you and wiggle my butt around to tease. I'll even drop my fancy silk boxers and expose my pale white bottom to you. And what do I get...snicker...around and around it goes, palms and paddles are no shows. See the disrespectful tongue protruding from my mouth!

  2. I think this ALL THE TIME whenever I see a deserving Young Lady....which happens almost once or twice a day!! ;)

  3. I also think this about MYSELF when I occasionally see a lady who looks like she might be a good Spanker! ;)