Sunday, July 14, 2019


OTK spanking


  1. it would have been absolutely mortifying and over-the-top embarrassing at the time, but now I look back on all the very pretty older female babysitters from my neighborhood (and a few of the moms too!) and how I wish any of them would have pulled my pants down, put me over their knee and roasted my bare bottom to their delight with a sound spanking (whether I needed it or not!)... in fact am hopeful that later this year, after years of not seeing her, I'll be connecting with a woman five years older than me who used to babysit for me... will I have the guts to admit this to her now???

  2. Hope you can connect with her, sounds like the same fantasy of mine! I love this drawing, how stunned the lady who's giving the spanking is at the request and looks like she's not sure what to do

  3. And don't stop, naughty devils in their favorite over-the-knee position on a pretty mommy's silky knees need to be furiously spanked faster too!!! And don't forget to scold with the full first, middle and last name lecture to let naughty devil know just how much trouble he is in this time (as usual!) and how hard and long a blushing bare bottom spanking he will be getting!!! Ah such fun spanking drama from my darling spanking drama queen mommy!!!! Encore! Encore! More Spankings Please!
    ND =;)