Monday, July 8, 2019

"Too Young To Kiss" 1951 Spanking Scene

Great spanking clip from this 1950's vintage movie


  1. Afterspank activity in this movie is also fun. June Allyson, her character pretending to be a younger girl, is unbowed by the spanking. She confronts her spanker later, and sits down too hard, bouncing back up very quickly. She does plenty of self-rubbing of her sore bottom.

  2. IMDb
    Eric Wainwright (Van Johnson), a busy impresario, is besieged by hordes of wannabe concert stars, eager for their big break. One of them is Cynthia Potter (June Allyson), a talented pianist... but she can't get in to see him. When she learns that Wainwright is auditioning young musicians for a children's concert tour, Cynthia dons braces and bobby sox and passes herself off as a child prodigy.

    Cynthia Potter is a skilled pianist trying to catch the eye of concert promoter Eric Wainwright. Wainwright, however, is currently only looking for young talent. To meet his criteria, Potter (in her 20s), masquerades as her own fictional younger sister, a 14-year-old "Molly" Potter. Wainwright is captivated by Molly's skills, and as the two work together, Wainwright develops a paternal affectation [affection?] towards the young performer, while Potter cultivates an incompatible romantic attraction to the promoter.

    Rotten Tomatoes
    In this romantic comedy, an aspiring concert pianist tries to get an audition with a famous pianist. After he rejects her, she masquerades as a talented 14-year-old bobby-soxer. She even puts on braces and walks pigeon-toed. Her ploy works and the pianist becomes her mentor. He also begins feeling quite fatherly toward her, but when he sees the 34-year-old phony smoking and drinking alcohol, he begins to feel other stirrings. In the end, the truth is revealed and romance ensues.

    This is a great scenario for spanking in many ways. It looks like he takes the slipper that came off her foot to spank her with, and she really kicks up a fuss.

  3. She was naughty and deserved this comeuppance. For impersonating a youngster and her bottle antics that robe should have been whisked back so that her bare bottom was exposed and paddled hard with the slipper. Just my opinion :)

  4. LOVE the way this is spontaneous!! that's the way a LOT of Spankings should be if they're real!!