Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Thank You For the Testimonial, Antony

Such a sweet testimonial from Antony, I am looking forward to getting to spank him again next month! And thank you as well for that lovely new jokari paddle

It was the first time I met Miss Jenn in person. I've seen several pictures and read both her interviews on "Someone's Gonna Get It" (https://someonesgonnagetit.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/my-fryday-meeting-jenn-the-aftermath, https://someonesgonnagetit.wordpress.com/2018/05/19/catching-up-with-jenn-d) but I wasn't sure how it would be to meet her in person.

It turned out that from the first minute there was a really good feeling about how the session would go. We talked casually and I was getting less nervous. We discussed preferences, experiences and the excitement grew in one way due to the topic of the conversation and in another way that it was clear that it would not be long and I'd be over the lap of this beautiful lady.

Soon Miss Davis took a quick break to the bathroom while I fixed some background music.

And then it began ...

She told me to take off my clothes and to fold them neatly over a chair. In the meantime she sat down and then she summoned me over her lap. There I was, where I longed to be.

The start was a hand spanking with slowly increasing intensity. What followed were different positions and various implements including wooden paddles and her bath brush (which can be seen on several of her pictures).

Miss Davis teased me in subtle ways and she enabled me to take more than usually. She really walloped my naked butt cheeks and gave me a spanking with an intensity I had thought I would not be able to take.

How she managed that is still not entirely clear to me. It was probably a combination of her personality, the atmosphere she created and my willingness to take the spanking this woman was was giving me so generously.

I wiggled and squirmed and struggled and when she was done I felt truly properly spanked. My backside was glowing and I felt happy, somehow relaxed and simply very good.

My bottom was sore for a few days and I'm looking forward to meet Miss Jenn Davis again in the not so far future.

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