Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Time For Big Sis To Spank You With the Jokari Paddle


  1. That’s a lovely disciplinarian outfit Miss Jenn. Natural and real!

  2. I'm 21 now - you can't spank me anymore! I don't care what Mom let you do when we were younger. Do I look like the little kid that you pulled kicking and screaming over your lap a million years ago with Mom's go ahead? Her just egging you on as you paddled my bare bottom so hard. So what if you're taller and stronger, with bigger boobs now - that doesn't give you the right to abuse me. No more sore bottoms!

    What? You think you're going to punish me for things where I never got caught? Like what? Name one!

    Abby *fell* in pool - I didn't push her. She was on the edge. I walked behind her. Then she fell in. It's not my fault. You're so clueless for saying that. Just 'cause my younger sister was uncoordinated a long time ago doesn't mean I should be punished now! Besides, she dried out...eventually. Ha, ha!

    Wait, where are you taking me? Not the sofa. And what's with that paddle? My ear hurts - let go! You and your old sweater and old jeans, your bossy look. I'm a man now - don't unfasten my shorts. Wait, let me off! LET-ME-OFF! I don't want to be here, not over your lap again. Leave my underwear, my briefs, alone! No, not the bare bottom! Please! Alright, alright, let's talk about this. OH, OW! That hurts so bad! You don't need to paddle me, seriously, OH, OH, OH MY GOD! Oh that hurts! Wait, wait wait. OH! Well, I might have nudged her, please stop. No Jokari paddle. Oh, please stop, my ass is so sore, please Big Sis...