Sunday, June 30, 2019

Barbara O'Tool Spanking Art

Tell me what comes to mind when you see this piece of spanking art?


  1. I like how tall and authoritative she is standing over him. She has a hand on her hip and a not entirely happy look on her face. He's on his knees with a preoccupied right hand. His bare bottom suggests the potential for impending punishment. Is his an excitement, or a desperate attempt to fulfill her orders for something? Was he caught red-handed? My bare bottom tingles for him.

  2. Looks like the male got sent to the pre corner and was told to wait on his knees as his wife came looking for him

    Maybe caught him with his hands in the cookie jar so to speak

  3. It looks like he's realy in trouble and was told to deal with something before his spanking to make the message stick in mind.