Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Headmistress Will Cane You Now

Check out this lovely Dave Ell piece of spanking art. Miss Svenson knows how to instill discipline in her pupils one cane stroke at a time


  1. Bet he got in trouble on purpose and is loving this....... ;)

  2. Skillfully entrapped by the sensuously sexy teasing teacher, naughty devil was caught as usual peeking up her skirt at her pretty panties again as she crossed her legs while sitting directly in front of him upon her desk. Naughty devil gleefully contemplated his next shenanigan while getting her scolding strapping in front of all the class full of all girls except him, scolded to attempt to learn the lesson to be a gentleman and advert one's eyes or at the very least to be more discreet while peeking up pretty ladies' skirts! Naughty devil secretly hoped the next spanking will take him back over her silky knees to have all the girls giggle and demand their turn taking the naughtiest devil they have ever known over their own silky knees too, just for good measure after relentlessly teasing him with flashes of their pretty panties too to add their own special touch to naughty devil's very brightly blushing bare bottom!

    Classic case of a naughty suggestive picture snowballing to be worth a thousand words and as many more spankings! Just love these naughty devil inspired middle of the night creative moments (hours) of wishful thinking fantasies of being spanked bare bottomed over all the pretty ladies' silky knees!

    Spanking dreamer keeping otk fantasies flowing at 3:20 AM,

    Insomniac ND =;)